Petzlove is one of the fastest growing, premium pet foods manufactured in Canada with the world's best ingredients. Our recipe focuses on premium, quality, natural ingredients and a balanced diet supported by the research of leading experts. Regardless of their size, age or breed, each recipe is made using proteins, vegetables, vitamin supplements, natural preservatives and minerals as well as everything else required for your pet's daily intake.

Petzlove was inspired by and started in Toronto, when our founders had trouble finding a healthy yet delicious food option for their pets. We are proud to serve your pets taste-tested delicious food that keep them happy and healthy without breaking your bank.


Petzlove partners with the top manufacturers in Canada to bring you AAFCO, internationally certified pet food products. All of our ingredients are sourced from Canadian business to support Canadian workers. Priced competitively and made ethically, Petzlove is here to make the pet food shopping experience easier than ever. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions for the environment by producing the perfect amount of meat and vegetable proportion to control the amount of waste and CO2 production.

Calculated Nutrients™

Our Calculated Nutrients™ technology is what makes Petzlove unique. Countless hours were spent with leading industry professionals to craft the perfect formula. This formula allows us to create balanced diets depending on the size/age/breed of the pet all the while reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and more. Calculated Nutrients™ values 5 principles:

1. Achieved The Required Daily Intake Of Fat And Protein
One of our values is to ensure that our owners do not have to worry about whether their pets have consumed the required daily intake. With our products, the daily required intake of fat and protein will be easily achieved.

2. Personalized To The Size, Breed, And Age
Similar to humans, every pet has their own required daily intake depending on the size, breed, and age. Our products aim to provide the best personalization to each pet to cater to their preferences.

3. Balanced Vegetables, Vitamins, Minerals, And Natural Preservatives
To fully reduce the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases for pets, we have researched to ensure pets have the additional nutrients they need on a daily basis.

4. Highest Quality Of Fresh Ingredients
We love our pets and we want to provide them with the highest quality of fresh food like how we would for our children because pets are for loving.

5. Taste Test Guaranteed
Health is important but to be healthy long term, you must be healthy while being happy. That’s why we have spent countless hours taste-testing our products with many different types of pets to ensure that not only do they enjoy what they are eating, they are also happy with what they are eating everyday!