Does Your Dog Prefer Certain Flavours?

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

When choosing dog food, a lot of owners focus on the ingredients and nutrients present but neglect the flavour of the kibbles. Does your dog really like the taste of the food that you bought them?

Like humans, dogs have a sense of taste, and their large tongues can accurately discern between different types of foods. Dogs’ stomachs are also more likely to secrete gastric juices in response to scent, which makes dogs more receptive to nice-smelling meals than their owners. This means that dogs can tell if their food is made from fresh ingredients, and they prefer natural flavouring more than artificial additives.

The most common flavours for dog food at the moment include chicken, beef, and turkey. Some hybrid flavours also exist on the market. However, when looking at ingredients lists, it is not hard to find that many of these flavours come from bi-meat products and gourmet powder. In order to ensure and promise the same proportion of protein, producers often use multiple types of meat to meet their needs. But does it really taste good?

If you’re an experienced dog owner, you definitely know that dogs who have tasted human food before are often reluctant to go back to dry dog food. After all, a well-cooked steak with a lot of seasoning is bound to be richer and chewy than kibbles.

Indeed, it is our responsibility as owners to choose healthier food for our dogs. But don’t ignore your dog’s taste.

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