Ever curious about how to properly take care of your pet at different life stages?

We all know that a balanced nutrition is very important to pets. However, the amount of the required nutritional value depends on their various phases of life. Here are four life stage diets and cares to help improve your pet’s health:

Puppies and kittens have rapid growth rates. Therefore, they require a higher level of protein, fats & carbohydrates, as well as calcium than mature pets. 
Obesity in pets is often caused by improper life stage feeding resulting in excess body weights. Your pet’s health, quality of life, and lifespan could all be adversely affected by this condition. To provide proper care for obese pets, slowly start with exercise and easing into their daily routine. Together with reducing caloric intake with an optimal amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. 
During the pregnancy stage, your pet will have higher nutritional demand as they are eating for more than one. It is recommended to feed your pregnant pet with premium adult food that contains high protein, fat, and minerals. Regular short walks and short play time are also good exercise for the mother.
Senior pets also required special diets and care. Therefore, it is important to keep them active in order to maintain their muscles. As pets get older, they may also suffer from illnesses such as chronic kidney disease or heart disease. In some circumstances, feeding the suitable pet food that contains an appropriate amount of protein and fatty acids can be an effective approach to managing these conditions.

At Petzlove, we specialized different recipes to cater to different breeds, life stages, and exercise routines of pets. Furthermore, we use Calculated Nutrients technology to ensure that your fur babies are getting proper nutrition, so they can live the healthiest life possible.